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#301 - Keytop Replacement Jig Model

The keytop jig is used to remove the wood from the top of the keys when replacing ivory keytops with plastic, because the ivory is much thinner than the plastic. If one does not remove material from the key stick, the overall dimension of height-thickness of the key will be changed resulting in case parts no longer fitting.

The jig allows the removal of material from both the top of the key stick (after the ivory has been removed by hand) and the key fronts (which do not need to be removed by hand). The tool can be used with a  10 1/2" compound miter saw, or with any 10 1/2" chop saw.

We will send you a model jig so that you can determine what modifications would be needed in order to make the jig work with your chop saw. The materials to make the jig cost about $5.00 if a few pieces of scrap wood and plywood are available to you. There are no written plans because different saws have different measurements. One size jig will not fit all saws.

If you are interested in plans for this jig, please contact me so that you can make your own.

This jig is QUICK!

Shipping charges: The cost of shipping the model jig varies depending on where you are located. Typically, shipping will be between $10 and $20. You can go to the USPS site and calculate the shipping to your location.

Weight: 16 lbs
"From" zip code: 83655


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